Leads Are Worthless If You Can't Engage

In today’s fast paced world getting your customer’s attention is more important than ever. And nothing is better than Interactive Content

Let’s face it, static real estate and mortgage content is dry and boring. It’s not enough to post to social media and expect people to engage when you compete with the viral world of grumpy cats and laughing babies. 

Today, when a prospect lands on your site, on your list, or follows you on social media, if you don’t grab their attention your resources are wasted.

The truth: If you want to turn leads, lists and followers into clients, you need Interactive Content.

And the good news: Interactive Content increases active engagement and brings customers into a deeper relationship with your personal brand. The more of a relationship a customer has with you the more likely they are to be loyal long term customers.

Until just recently, you’d have to pay a small fortune to get a pro to write Interactive Content for you. Well, not anymore.

Boomerang delivers pre-made Interactive Content, such as quizzes, calculators, assessments and surveys that you can brand as your own and share on social media, your website and via email with your leads, lists and followers.

Target the Entire Funnel

Because you never know where a future customer is on their journey to buy, sell or finance a home, we build Interactive Content to fit the top, middle and bottom of your marketing funnel so you reach more prospects.

Most real estate and mortgage professionals spend their resources targeting the bottom of the funnel where it’s most competitive and expensive. 

Yet, it’s the top of the funnel where it’s widest with the most untouched prospects you should be targeting because 75% of buyers and sellers hire the agent they contact first.

Top of Funnel

Non-gated Interactive Content is your solution for targeting the top of the funnel because it gives people an opportunity to sample your personal brand and generates critical data for you.

For people to customize their interactions with your content, they typically need to share a little personal information, thus providing deeper insights on their needs, interests, and preferences that your marketing never gains from static content.

Quizzes like, “What Home Best Suits Your Personality?”, “Should I Keep Renting or Buy My First Home?,” or, “Is Your Credit Score Good Enough to Buy a Home?” entice your leads, lists and followers to participate and you gather data about your leads, lists or followers.

Whether it’s the inbox, social media or advertising, when you deliver Interactive Content that entices people to take action you get engagement and forge meaningful connections and turn leads into prospects.

Middle of Funnel

According to Salesforce, 79% of leads never convert and it’s because you’re not offering Interactive Content that engages the middle of your funnel.

It’s during this time that people need help sorting out their options. Providing assessments like, “What Kind of Home Will Make You Happiest?”, “How Likely Is Your Property to Rent in 30 Days?”, “What Kind of House Should You Build?”, or, “What’s Your Bathroom Style?”, help your leads, list and followers make decisions and positions your service to become their only choice.

Bottom of Funnel

When leads, lists and followers have been nurtured from the top to the bottom of your funnel the outcome are REAL leads; people familiar and comfortable because they’ve experienced your personal brand unlike your competitors.

Gated Interactive Content is your solution for converting leads into prospects.  Calculators like, “Fire Your Landlord (rent vs. buy),” or, “Find Out the Resale Value of Your Property,” are examples where the respondent must enter their contact details to view the computation so that you can follow up and start the relationship.

Boomerang helps you maximize the conversion of your leads, lists and followers into becoming clients.

By targeting the top, middle and bottom of your marketing funnel you will reach more people for more meaningful connections.

How It Works

After your order has been submitted you will choose 5 pieces of Interactive Content from our inventory of pre-made quizzes, calculators and assessments that are assigned to your account.

Every 30 days you will choose a new piece of Interactive Content that is assigned to your account so in your first month of service you will have 5 pieces of Interactive Content, in your second month you will have 6, in your third month you will have 7 and so on.

Technical support and training is included and we add new content to our inventory regularly. 

Here is a partial list :

  • Fire Your Landlord Calculator
  • Is Your Credit Score Good Enough?
  • Should I Keep Renting or Buy My First Home?
  • What Home Best Suits Your Personality?
  • What Kind of Home Will Make You the Happiest?
  • Will Your Property Rent in 30 Days?
  • Grade Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Zillow Review Funnel
  • Smart Home Technology Assessment
  • Savings Goal Calculator

What is the Investment?

Boomerang is an affordable monthly subscription of $97, plus a one-time $97 set up fee.

You will receive access to your account within 48 hours after submitting your order so you can begin sharing your Interactive Content with your leads, lists and followers.

The recurring subscription agreement is month-to-month and can be canceled at anytime.

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Your Questions Answered

Just stop right there.

Think about what you’re saying…

You’re really saying that this is “too much money” to spend on a strategy proven to help you get unstuck.

Nothing like this service exists anywhere else.

Think of it this way…

You’re investing $3.23 per day, which is less than an overpriced cup of coffee.

Yet, instead of filling your cup with coffee, you’re filling it with freedom because that is what you really want, isn’t it?

I get that cash may be tight for you, yet what you should ask yourself is, “Can you afford not to do this?”

Let Boomerang help you bring back the opportunities you’re missing now because you don’t have a strategy for nurturing leads.

The past 15 years I’ve spent growing a business without making a single cold call generating over $2 million online.

I share not to brag, but to demonstrate that I know a thing or two when it comes to converting leads.

My job through Boomerang is to help you get your message into your prospect’s mind as if Interactive Content was telepathic.

They experience your personal brand, it forges a meaningful connection, and ultimately, they feel you’re just the expert for them.

If you mean will I offer a bunch of third-party products…rarely.

I don’t do it much because I have high standards for what I send my peeps.

I do have a couple other products I’ve created, but I use Interactive Content as my funnel to promote it.

Boomerang is my primary product and takes the vast majority of my time. I don’t want to create one product after another. I want to create the premiere Interactive Content solution for real estate and mortgage professionals.

I don’t know your level of technical intelligence.

If I say everything is “user-friendly” that can mean different things to people.

What I can say is that I’ve made this as simple as possible.

Unless you decide to edit a quiz, calculator or assessment, this is pretty much a copy & paste activity.

Nonetheless, we are just an email message away if you are stuck and need assistance.

Your success is dependent upon taking action and doing it more than once because I can tell you the reason why people fail….

…it’s easier to give up and quit when you try something once and don’t get the expected result immediately than it is to stay committed and determined to see it through.

Your subscription is a month-to-month agreement that you can cancel at anytime, but if you want to be fair use Boomerang at least 90 days.

In 90 days, you’ll have at least 5 pieces of Interactive Content, which means you’ll be sharing a different piece everyday on social media and via email. This exposure will raise your profile and create constant opportunity for engagement with your leads, lists and followers.

Jeffrey Nelson

Jeffrey Nelson, Creator of Interactive Content
President, Salesachievers Inc.